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FAQ'S about Aquarina Beach & Country Club

Do most residents live there year round or is Aquarina more of a seasonal community?

Is Aquarina an over-55 community? 

Aquarina Beach & Country Club is not an over-55 or age restricted community.  Many of the residents are empty nesters and/or retirement age but there are also a number of younger professionals and families living in the community.  

Aquarina Beach & Country Club has a generally even mix of year round and seasonal residents. 

What are the fees for homeowners at Aquarina?

Aquarina Beach & Country Club is an exceptionally well-maintained, highly amenitized barrier island community so maintenance costs need to be factored in when considering ownership here.  There are two sets of fees that apply to each home:


All owners are required to pay a quarterly fee to Aquarina Beach & Country Club's master association (ACSA) for management and common area maintenance of the community.  In return, all owners share access to the community's common amenities including the clubhouses, beach and river access and fitness facilities.  (GOLF AND TENNIS ARE NOT INCLUDED)  As of January 2024, the master association fee is approximately $1200/quarter.  


Additionally, each residence belongs to one of 18 separate residential enclaves including sections of single family homes, condominiums and attached villas of varying sizes and ages.  Each section is independently operated by its own HOA and fees and maintenance approaches can vary significantly.  Residential listings disclose the amounts of the HOA fees along with a detailed description of what is covered in the relevant association.

Is there an equity or enrollment fee for new residents to join the community?

While all residents are required to pay dues to the Master Association, there is not a membership or application fee for new residents when they move into an existing home Aquarina Beach & Country Club.

For new construction, there may be an impact fee charged.  Consult with administration for more information.

Additionally, some condominium associations require a capital contribution from new owners (equal to one month's dues).  Check individual listings for more information.

Rentals in Aquarina: 

Can you rent out your property? 

Are there rentals available? 

Are vacation rentals allowed?

There is definitely a demand for rental properties in the community - however, there are actually very few rentals available in Aquarina.  Following is an overview of rental requirements.

The community as a whole requires that leases be a minimum of 3 months in length.  In addition, many of the HOA's and condominium associations restrict the rental terms even further, requiring minimum terms of 4 months, 6 months or one year.  Owners are welcome to rent their properties as long as they adhere to the guidelines set forth by their associations.  There is not a central property management office that handles leases in Aquarina.  Owners can advertise on their own or enlist a local realtor to assist in procuring tenants.

 VACATION RENTALS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN AQUARINA.  The 3 month rental restriction allows for "seasonal tenants" -  those who plan to stay for at least 3 months (Inventory for seasonal use is very limited).  The community does not allow for short-term vacation rentals of a month or a week, for example.  

If you are interested in renting in Aquarina Beach & Country Club, you can visit the Real Estate tab on this website to see if anything is currently be advertised.  

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